Experience California Scuba Diving at it's best.  Catalina
Island has some of the best diving in the state where our
water is calm, clear and filled with sea life.  The Avalon Dive
Park aka. Casino Point Dive Park is an amazing place to
take your first breath underwater or to experience deep
wrecks and other advanced diving opportunities.

We specialize in helping divers of all skill levels from novice
to advanced to
become oriented to kelp forest diving.

If you have never tried Scuba before, We offer Discover
Scuba Diving; A two
hour introductory scuba experience that includes a Scuba
diving tour of the
Dive Park with an experienced instructor.

We  offer all levels of scuba training from PADI Open Water
to Divemaster.

Contact me for more information on how you can dive right
in with Catalina Scuba;  Email

Avalon - Catalina Island CA.
Dive In beautiful clear water
Catalina Island is known for
having exceptionally calm and
clear water.
Avalon Dive Park
One of the worlds best shore
dives. Easy entry / exit beginning
to advanced dives available. An
abundance of sea life.
Catalina Scuba - Dive Training and Guides