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Freediving on Catalina Island

Freediving is quickly growing into one of the most popular water activities in the world. It's among one of the best things to do on Catalina Island. Catalina Scuba has one of the best freediving and underwater photography instructors in the world. John Kowitz combines his background in freediving, love for the ocean, and passion for photography to capture stunning underwater images.  John is a freediving instructor, has worked as a spearfishing guide in Maui, as well as a freediving guide for a whale and shark tour in Kona Hawaii.    

Through his work, he displays an array of images including marine life and water lovers in an artistic manner.  He combines knowledge learned in several different freediving disciplines and his background as an emergency room nurse to make safety a priority.  He has worked with leading brands and influencers in the ocean and adventure industry. He hopes his passion will inspire people to explore, protect, and expand efforts in ocean conservation.

During on of John's classes you will experience all that Catalina has to offer including the majestic giant kelp forests. It's one of the greatest experiences you will ever have the pleasure of participating in. Whether your passion is ocean conservation, hunting, relaxing, or physical fitness, freediving offers something for everyone. Contact for a photoshoot, videography, brand collaboration or a freediving class.

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